Hello lovies I am here with another book review. I read quite often so when I find things that aren’t the usual he is a billionaire and she is a naive virgin type story line I want to share. Not putting those types of books down but when I am spending my hard-earned money on something I want to either learn something ( non-fiction) or not know the exact plot with in the first three lines of the book ( fiction erotica).  The billionaire types are a bit to predictable to me, lol.

First of all the title says a lot about what the book is about, Real Service. In the world of BDSM and kink ( Master/slave especially) service is often thought to be sexual. Always at your Masters service for any sexual favor they may desire. While this can be true for a play scene or at a dungeon it is not what the book is talking about. Raven and Joshua talk about real life service and what it means in day-to-day life. They take the topic and break it down looking at both the Dom and sub point of views. Breaking down  myths and legends of the proverbial sex slave and bring us back to reality.

They have you thinking through out the whole book at what service means to you as a Dom or a sub. While it isn’t exactly a how to book, nor does it give tips on cleaning or cooking how to’s, it does break down the types of service. How to look at what you are good at and grow from there. Ways to not become resentful or burnt out. Also to really look at why you are serving. Is it really for the person you are doing it for? To help them in their day or with a task they need done?  Are you really listening to what they want completed and how or are you trying to control the situation by doing it your way only.

Through out the book they discuss real life types of service you can do for your partner. None of it involves being chained and crawling around on hands and knees, lol. Sorry lovies- not that type of book. Think more chores, paying bills, housework, cooking, running errands, keeping things stocked that your partner like, childcare, keeping schedules. Real life stuff.

They also talk about why you serve. There are different motives for difference people in their desire to serve their partner. Raven talks about three main motives for service and also talks about types of Dominance as well. Knowing the whys and hows is paramount in having a successful relationship.

I have to say in trying to learn and understand more about the Master/slave dynamic I was having a hard time finding books and resources I could relate to. While Sir and I aren’t necessarily M/s dynamic we do have some aspects of it even if we don’t call it that. I am so happy I found this book. It really had me thinking about why I do what I do. How to improve and grow. You will probably see a bit more about service on the blog now as this has my gears turning.

Another 5 pink pearly penguins from this reader.