Hello lovies,

After a resent check of my weight and BMI I realized just how much I need to work on getting myself back in shape. We have all had the denial moments where pants seem a little tighter and we talk ourselves out of the real reason why they don’t fit. You know the ones I am talking about where we try to convince ourselves that the pants shrunk or that we just put on a few pounds but not that much.

I got the smack in the face I needed. At 60 pounds over weight and a BMI in the 30’s I am well on my way to the Diabetic train that runs in my family and frankly I want a refund on my ticket. I do not want to board that train since it is something I can avoid with eating right and exercise.

I am working on eating better ( aka minimal sugar and few carbs) exercising more. Sir J and I work out at home together 3 to 4 times a week doing yoga. I go to the gym twice a week now. Sir J decided to up the ante a bit. So my work is doing a weight loss change for 12 weeks and you can win cash prizes. He said if I join and eventually lose my total weight goal then he will personally pay for my piercing I want.  GAME ON SIR. HE always knows just the right way to get me to focus on something. Obviously he doesn’t expect me to lose 60 pounds in 12 weeks that is unheard of but I can lose 15-20 and then keep going once work thing is over.

I know there are some other kinksters out there who are also working on a better you this year and I will try to follow you as you go and cheer you on. I know it can be hard to reach those goals. I myself have wanted to lose weight for 17 years as I have never lost the weight I gained from having kiddo. However, as the quote goes, ” Losing weight is hard, Being fat is hard, Choose your hard”

Have a wonderful day lovies , until next time.


Little Pearl