Sitting in the back of the theater amid a sea of darkness her scent catches me first

A mix of jasmine and spice already has my mind wondering what her skin tastes of.

As the movie starts she jumps a bit and her breath catches.

I want to be the cause of that quickened breath.

I want to feel her pulse accelerate as I kiss her neck.

Feel her nipples go hard as I brush my fingers across them.

I want to see her laid out for me with her legs spread wide

Begging me to taste her sweetness.

I want to see her back arch as I lick across that sensitive clit.

Swollen and hard in need of release.

I, however, have no intention of giving her that release so easily.

No, I want to hear her call my name, beg me for what only I can give her.

Bring her to the edge and back again until she can no longer stand it.

Her scent of lust would hang thick in the air

Her juices would taste of honey and drip down my chin.

I would continue to feast on her until she finally comes undone.

Screaming my name and singing my praise.

Falling apart before me only to be held together by me.


But for now, I will sit in the back of the theater amid a sea of darkness

With nothing but jasmine and spice beside me.