Little Survey


One of my little friends posted a survey on her blog ( link below) and I decided to go ahead and answer it here on mine. “

Has discovering other Littles had an impact on how you see yourself? It is easier to accept this part of yourself? 

I would have to say yes it has helped greatly.  When Sir J and I were first starting out in this whole D/s thing we tried several different elements of BDSM relationship to see what would best fit us. I was on an on-line site that catered to married couples who wanted to learn more on adding D/s to their relationship. ( Site name will not be mentioned as I no longer believe in the style they are trying to pass as healthy D/s) Through this site I met some of the very subs I still talk to today. We learned about our Little sides together and realized we were not alone in our thinking and desires.

Has finding other Littles helped you feel less alone in the world? 

Yes greatly as I mentioned above you can feel quite alone even with in the D/s and BDSM sub-cultures. There are many views on what a Little should and shouldn’t be so it helps to have others that understand. My Little friends and I all have very different types of dynamics. No one way is better than the other and we support each other as best we can.

Do you find your relationships with  your Little friends to be more intimate than other friendships?  

Not really but let me explain…. I only have one really good friend outside of my Little friends. I am a bit of an introvert and being deaf makes it hard to make new friends. People get frustrated easily when they think you are not listening to them. My Little friends are all online but we have talked for years so I feel as at ease with them as I do my best friend.  Also helps that my best friend is also in a D/s marriage though she does not identify herself as a Little she doesn’t judge me for my choices.  (Also she loves to color and watch Disney movies too- maybe a closet Little, lol).

Is it easier to form friendships with other Littles?

Yes and No. Making new friends is hard for me for many reasons. I think it might be a little easier because I meet them online mostly.